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Subjects are taught using a 'Know Do Understand' model to support deeper learning.

This enables each student to progressively build knowledge and skills as they move through the grades.

Our concept based approach, coupled with a focus on the development of competencies, actively engages our students in the learning process.  We get them “doing” tasks which relate to the real world rather than passively reading or listening.

With high levels of flexibility built into the curriculum, our teachers are trained to personalize the classes to their students, ensuring real understanding before moving on.  Our Teachers are encouraged to create courses, modules and learning experiences that go beyond the borders of the standard classroom and focus on the students’ needs and interests and the local context.

French is introduced as a second language from Grade 1. With daily lessons suited to the abilities of our students, we are able to offer higher level classes for our native French speakers within the school day.

If you would like more details about the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum, including specific subject areas and courses please come and see us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. The Ministry’s website is also an excellent source of information